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By John Godber


It’s the 1980’s, a rough school in the north of England. A gang of early school leavers have put on a play for the drama teacher who leaving, about their experience of drama in high school. An experience which, for some, has been life changing.

Join Salty, Hobby, Gail, Lil’ V and the rest of the school leavers in this performance of John Godber’s classic play about what school was really like in the 1980’s. Let them take you on a journey through the classrooms, staff room and even to the school disco and experience a year in the life of an 80’s teenager.

Teechers will be on Thurs 11th and Fri 12th June  at 7pm in the Calday Drama studio.

Tickets £5 Adults and £3 Cons.






The Orphan of Zhao

The Orphan of Zhao was the first Chinese play to be translated into English and is often referred to as the Chinese Hamlet.  It tells the story of power-crazed  courtier Tu’an Gu who brutally kills the noblemen who stand in his way.  This includes Zhao Dun and his entire clan. However, Zhao Dun’s infant son survives under a different identity and is adopted by Tu'an Gu as his son. But the Orphan of Zhao will inevitably find out the truth about his identity and avenge his father's death.

This is a new translation by James Fenton and was first performed by the RSC in 2012/2013. This will be only the second performance of The Orphan of Zhao in the country.

Off the Ground Youth Theatre has been running for 18 years.  Recent productions have included Overspill and Cotton Wool at The UnityOthello in the The Lady Chapel, Liverpool Cathedral and A Midsummer Nights Dream in Royden Park.  We are currently working with Tmesis and will be teaching and performing  as part of the PhysicalFest Youth Festival at The Bluecoat .


The Orphan of Zhao will be on Thurs 26th till Sat 28th March.

For the first time Off The Ground Youth Theatre will be performing in the Liverpool Everyman Studio Theatre

Tickets are Adult £10 and Cons £5




Off The Ground Youth Theatre



Adapted By Daniel G Cambridge


Off The Ground Youth Theatre opens it’s new season with an outrageously silly

adaptation of Aladdin. If you’ve never experienced a Princess with tourettes,

a ballroom dancing villain or a cave that raps, this is the show for you.

Get a date in the diary that will blow away those Christmas blues.




Cotton Wool

 Off the Ground Theatre Present

Cotton Wool

 by Ali Taylor

 On the rain lashed coast of an empty estuary, teenage brothers Callum and Gus are desperate to discover what lies beneath the waves. When they spot young runaway Harriet, their search is thrown into chaos and brother is pitted against brother. A gripping and darkly comic tale of the anxiety, confusion, and boredom of teenage life.

 “… a laugh-a-minute, thrilling extravaganza…Another triumph for Off The Ground, and some real stars of the future on display here. See them while you still have the chance. *****”

 (Peter Pan), The Public Reviews

  This venue is ideally suited to showcasing emerging young talent and tonight was no exception… the direction was slick as were the performances.

 (Overspill at the Unity 2013) Nerve Magazine

Unity Theatre Tues 20th and Weds 21st May 8pm £10 (£8 Conc)

 Box Office 0844 873 2888

Cotton wool


A Midsummer Nights Dream

Off The Ground Youth Theatre


 A Midsummer Nights Dream

By William Shakespeare

 “The course of true love never did run smooth”

 In an attempt to defy her fathers wishes, Hermia runs away with her lover Lysander to the woods where they intend to marry. Not to be out maneuvered her friend Helena tells Demetrius and they both set off in pursuit. Unbeknownst to them the King and Queen of the Fairies are also in the woods and in the mood for a little sport! What ensues is one of Shakespeare’s best loved comedies. Come and join us in Royden Park, our Glastonbury of the North and experience the joy of a music festival interfered with by fairies.

 Royden Park Thurs 10th, Fri 11th and Sat 12th July 7.30pm

Tickets £8 and £4 cons

Bring some wine, a blanket and something to sit on.




Othello By William Shakespeare

Off The Ground Youth Theatre Present


By William Shakespeare



Othello is Shakespeare's tragedy of a great love torn apart by jealousy and betrayal. As an African prince who has defied racism to rise to the rank of
General in a European army, the esteem in which Othello is held as a soldier is second only to his love of the beautiful and virtuous Desdemona.
However, "honest" Iago spins a web of lies that threaten to break the bonds of unity between lovers. Disharmony spreads as Iago's malicious
deeds force Othello to doubt the honourable Desdemona, with tragic consequences.

 Thurs 3rd, Fri 4th and Sat 5thApril,

The Lady Chapel in Liverpool Anglican Cathedral, 7.30pm.

Tickets £10 Adults,  £6 Cons.




Jason and the Argonauts

Off The Ground presents

Jason & The Argonauts

A tale of Greek Myths and Legends

Adapted for the stage by Andrew Byron

"Storm winds gather, creatures of the deep awaken. Unleash the fury and release the Kraken!!!"

 This Summer join Off The Ground as they embark on an epic adventure, with Jason and his heroic Argonauts. Watch how the mighty God's of Greece, Zeus and Hera, play with human lives to satisfy their desires.See how Jason uses all his strength and wit to evade the beastly minotaur, how he and his gang avoid certain doom from the women on the Isle of Lemnos, and how they evade the lure from the enchanting sounds of the Sirens…and ultimately win in the quest for the Golden Fleece.Can Jason survive and return home to claim his right to the throne? A summer show not to be missed, packed full of song, danger and heroic adventure across the seas.





Caucasian Chalk Circle By Bertolt Brecht


Off The Ground Youth Theatre Present


The Caucasian Chalk Circle

By Bertolt Brecht


“terrible is the temptation to do good”


As a young maid flees a burning city she makes a radical decision to rescue the Governors baby from the flames. In the midst of the revolution she can’t help but do good.  Throughout the winter months high up in the Caucasus she hides from those who’d have the enemies baby killed. Their subsequent misadventures across her war-torn country become the heart of Brecht’s playful parable, the question is, once captured will others decide to do what is right in a world that has gone so wrong!


Thur 20th, Fri 21st and Sat 22nd March.

Calday Grange Grammar School, 7.30pm




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