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September News


Well, it looks like the summer has finally come to an end and today we’ve returned the final costumes from our touring production of Zorro.  Thank you to everyone who came to see us over the last couple of months and for the very kind feedback.  If you enjoyed the show and, more specifically, Connor Wray’s writing then you don’t have to wait long before you can read his first published novella.  It is out on 3rdOctober and can be pre-ordered by following the link below:-



Pre-order now


We’re also preparing our new Youth Theatre and professional programme.  The Youth Theatre re-opens on Monday 26th September and our members will be working on some Roald Dahl as well as an exciting piece of new writing and some classic literature.


We’ll be releasing a full list of productions, including news about next year’s tour, in the next news edition, so keep checking back here – it promises to be a year full of exciting new work.  We hope to see you in the very near future.


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June News



Off the Ground would like to thank all who came and supported the company at PhysicalFest, for the sell-out performance of Creature. It was a stunning performance from six of the brightest talents within the company.


A review of Creature can be found here.


Coming off the back of such an incredible performance it was important for us to keep creating, and so at the end of June our youth theatre will present something entirely different…


Join Alice as she tumbles down the rabbit hole on a 50 minute interactive adventure. Journey into Wonderland, where your decisions determine what you see and where you are taken, from playing croquet with the Queen of Hearts to taking part in a Caucus Race.

Thursday 30th June

Friday 1st July

Saturday 2nd July


Shows at 7pm and 8pm

There are two route options, which are determined by the cake you choose upon arrival. It is possible to see both routes on the same evening by purchasing a Double Journey ticket, available here.


Places for these shows are strictly limited. As a result, tickets must be bought online.


When buying tickets, please note that there are different options for the purchase of single journey tickets (£7) and double journey tickets (£10). Please only select the tickets for the routes you intend to see. For example, if you wish to see both shows on the Friday evening, you should select ‘Wonderland - Friday (Double Journey)’ tickets.

In other news, fight rehearsals have begun for our Summer tour of Zorro, and the first fights look truly fantastic. Keep coming back for updates on progress and exclusive rehearsal content.


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May News

Off the Ground would like to say a huge congratulations to our Monday youth theatre group members, whose performance of Our World on Sunday 8th May as part of PhysicalFest’s YoungFest was simply fantastic. The feedback has only been positive for the two sell-out shows. If these talented youngsters are anything to go by, then the future is bright for Off the Ground.


If you’re reading this and wondering where the April edition to our ‘Latest News’ section is, then have no fear, you haven’t missed it, there simply wasn’t one. Apologies for this, but the company have been so caught up in the excitement of the vast number of projects we are lining up that April seemed to fly past in a blur!


It is May now, however, and time to fill everybody in on all the stuff you can look forward to in the coming months.


First is OTG’s performance Creature, as part of Tmesis Theatre’s internationally-renowned PhysicalFest. The show takes place on


THURSDAY 26th MAY, 8pm


It is on for one night only at the Unity Theatre in Liverpool. Tickets are only available from the Unity Theatre website. It is a devised movement piece which penetrates to the very core of what it is to be sentient, communicative beings.


Away from this we are still exploring the possibility of a mini-tour for the Monday evening youth theatre’s performance Our World. The aim is to perform the piece to a number of local youth theatres, including our own Wednesday and Thursday groups.


After this we are full steam ahead into our Summer youth theatre production of Alice in Wonderland. This production will be a collaborative effort from all three youth theatre groups at Off the Ground, the first time such an undertaking has occurred in a long, long time. The show itself will be an interactive promenade performance; inviting audience members to join the madness as they follow Alice down the rabbit-hole and become a part of her adventures. Come along, and see how your choices as an audience could shape the fate of Wonderland…

The performances will take place on:





With multiple showings each evening.


Once this has finished there’s no time to lose and it will be straight into rehearsals for the Summer touring production of Zorro. The casting is completed, our venues and dates have all been confirmed, and can be found on the right-hand side of our homepage.


If you would like to purchase tickets for any one of our Summer shows, they are available here.


In other news, our tutors page has been updated and now includes a profile for our Monday group Lead Tutor, Grace Goulding.


Youth theatre fees can still be paid online by clicking here. We are now into the Summer term, so anybody with payments outstanding from the Spring or Autumn terms of this academic year will be duly notified.


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March News


The weather is improving and soon the clocks will spring forward, giving us all an extra hour of daylight to enjoy. Here at Off the Ground we never like to let that go to waste, and so we have begun working on a number of Summer projects for you to get excited about.



Our Monday groups performance at Tmesis Theatre's YoungFest as part of PhysicalFestwill take place on May 8th. Ticket information will be posted here as soon as it is available. We are also exploring the possibility of a mini-tour for this production, performing it alongside OTG's Thursday group as a double bill to youth theatres across the north west. The production itself is a devised physical theatre piece inviting you to enter their minds as they attempt to answer the weird and wonderful questions that fall out. What is life actually all about? Isn't Donald Trump a really funny name? How will I know if I'm actually happy? What would happen if all my teachers turned into animals? Come and support the fantastically talented future of Off the Ground.



Meanwhile, our Wednesday group have begun work on their next project. Come the Summertime they will be performing an interactive, promenade performance of Alice in Wonderland. This performance promises to be as challenging to the cast as the script is bonkers, and will be great fun for all of the family. As always, keep checking here for more information on this as it becomes available. 



Off the Ground are also working toward a headline performance at Tmesis Theatre's PhysicalFest. This production will be called 'Creature', having been confirmed in March, so check back next month for the definite details of dates, times and ticket information. 



Our Summer production of Zorro is currently being redrafted, ready for the first round of auditions, which will take place in mid-April. Anybody interested in auditioning for this year's touring production should contact Off the Ground at 0151 625 2929, email us, or drop us a message on Facebook



Once again Off the Ground would like to make you all aware of the latest updates and changes to the website. All of our youth theatre tutors will soon have their own profile pages, the majority of which are already live here if you would like to know more about those at OTG charged with nurturing the next generation of fantastic actors. There is also the option to pay for youth theatre fees online via Paypal. To do this simply click here or follow the 'Buy Tickets Online' link at the top of the page. If you should encounter any problems just get in touch via phone or email and we will endeavour to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. 




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February News

February is upon us. For all of us at Off the Ground it is a month for reflecting on another fantastic Youth Theatre performance, and for planning our next projects.


Before we get to that however, there have been some changes made to our website which may be of great benefit to all.


Head over to our Youth Theatre section to see a profile of all of our youth theatre tutors this term. While you’re checking out this information, why not pay the youth theatre fees for the term? The options for payment have now been extended to include online support as well. You can find the link to pay your fees here, or alternatively head to our Buy Tickets Online page. Though it appears as an event booking the registration process will head straight to our Youth Theatre team. For any questions or enquiries during the process just give us a call or an email.



Thank you very much to all who came to support the Wednesday group in their gruesome, clinical portrayal of Titus Andronicus. It was a great success and all involved can be very proud of themselves.


We only look ahead however, and so our thoughts turn now to projects that are upcoming this term and through into the Summer. First our Monday group will be partaking in Tmesis Theatre’s PhysicalFest, as part of the YoungFest celebrations, at the Bluecoat in Liverpool. Their contribution to the festival will be a devised physical theatre piece inviting you to enter their minds as they attempt to answer the weird and wonderful questions that fall out. What is life actually all about? Isn't Donald Trump a really funny name? How will I know if I'm actually happy? What would happen if all my teachers turned into animals?



Entirely inspired by the experiences of these talented youngsters, this production is set to commence in May. Keep an eye on this page for further updates.


Our Thursday group are also creating a physical theatre piece, the details of which will be released shortly. This will be set for production late this term, or early in the Summer.


Meanwhile our Wednesday group, after their success with Titus Andronicus, have wasted no time at all in moving onto the next show. Workshop sessions have already taken place this month to try and establish the nature of the next performance, and production meetings are scheduled for the end of the month to make some final decisions.


The Summer tour of Zorro is almost completely written, ready for some edits and touching up before auditions arrive in April/May time. Anybody interested in auditioning for this year’s touring production should continue checking this page for updates.



Other productions are also currently in the developmental phase for all groups, youth theatre and otherwise.



As ever, to be kept up to date with all the very latest in OTG news and events, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, or check out our blog.



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