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Alice In Wonderland



Alice In Wonderland




North West, UK & Ireland


Why does the cat always grin? Because it’s a Cheshire cat. Who made the jam tarts? The Queen of Hearts, she made those tarts. Who is as mad as a Mad Hatter? It must be a Mad March Hare.

Once Alice follows the white rabbit down the rabbit hole, things just don’t seem right. Apart from grinning cats, murderous queens and mad hatters, she also meets a baby that turns into a pig, a couple of twins who can’t stop arguing and a mouse and a dodo who insists that she take part in a Caucus race. There are dancing lobsters, a puppet walrus and singing turtles and that’s before Alice has cried a lake of her own tears or grown to the size of a tree.

Adapted for OTG by Jim Foggin. Choreography by Jamie Barwood. Directed by Dan Meigh with Bill Pasterfield and Bryony Thomas.

“…a beautifully performed and superbly cast colourful extravaganza.”
Daily Post

“…There are some genuinely lovely moments, great site-gags, fabulous comic timing, brilliant direction and a wonderful soundtrack.*****”
The Public Reviews,


Alice In Wonderland

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