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Oh Me Oh My, Liverpool


Off the Ground Youth Theatre presented one of the greatest plays ever-
written, in Shakespeare’s most famous portrayal of a troubled youth. Fast-
paced and dangerous, aggressive and accountable, OTG’s eldest youth group presented a world where you’re as likely to win the King’s favour as you are to meet an early demise at his hands.

In a war-ravaged Denmark, Claudius has taken the throne that rightly belongs to the young Prince Hamlet. When Hamlet discovers that Claudius came to power by killing his father, he knows he must take his revenge on the false King. The problem is, can Hamlet actually bring himself to kill?

With OTG taking a performance, for the first time ever, to OH ME OH
MY! in Liverpool, this classic tale was brought into the modern day, with a Hamlet as angry with the usurper King as he is with the state of his home
nation, and a King that is as terrifyingly manipulative and self preserving as many politicians in the real world.

From metaphors to mobile phones, from cowardice to cameras, from Swedish House Mafia to Shakespeare, this was an in-your-face production of
a true classic.


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