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Who Do You Think You Are?



Who Do You Think You Are?




Gladstone Theatre, Wirral


Maddy is the richest, most sought after woman in Britain.
Alex is in love with Maddy.
Sue, her double, earns a modest living as Maddy’s look-alike.
Will is in love with Sue.
Trouble is – Maddy and Sue are the same person.

Off the Ground teamed up with 7 Ages to produce a new comedy, Who Do You Think You Are? by Phyllis Brighouse. The production was funded by the Arts Council of England and Wirral New Opportunities, with support from Arts and Cultural Initiatives Development (ACID).

Who Do You Think You Are? asks if the price of fame and fortune is worth it, and whether you can ever really know those closest to you. This romantic comedy deals with honesty in our relationships, our own sense of identity and, above all, what it means to fall in love.

This production was part of a larger project to encourage more people on the Wirral to become involved with theatre, either as participants or audience.


Who Do You Think You Are?

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