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The Arthur Siphid Big Band Experiunce



The Arthur Siphid Big Band Experiunce




Edinburgh Fringe & tour


Arthur Siphid began his career in the corner in 1943. Armed only with a two string sub-banjo, he performed sterling work entertaining the troops on leave in Berlin. Realising his mistake he hurried back to Britain in time for his real career which began in 1951.

Working as a monkey for the popular Welsh organ grinder Thetis Pab, Arthur soon gained a reputation for his terrifying sense of balance. He was given his first big break in 1956 at the Suez Crisis Variety Spectacular. Leading impresario Billy Vitesse (brother of band leader Ronny) invited him to support flaccid French chanteuse Mellellerella Pouffee at his London club. Arthur’s new career took off, showering the audience in soot and particles (the entertainment world lost a tall strong stick when Billy Vitesse died in a fondue accident in 1967).

Throughout the 1960’s Arthur was there. He starred in his own ground shattering television show “This is the Siphid That is” , during which he wagged an irreverent finger at leading physicists of the day. In 1965 his third album of crass arrangements of popular tunes went gold, making it too expensive for anyone to buy. The following month his next album “Surround Yourself With Siphid” bludgeoned its way to world success, topping the charts in six different languages.

Since then Arthur has gone on to become a popular international institution victim, very rarely not in the media glare spot-limelight. He has been married twice to five women, all of them Mrs. Edna Yatik of Prestatyn. He now lives with children.

“go and see it - tell them we sent you”
The Scotsman

“ came cheers and roaring laughter...”
ON Magazine

“Daft and very funny.”
Chester Chronicle

"The most hour I've ever spent."
Joan Bakewell

"The brown was oppresive."
Joan & Babs Whapnis

"Biting satire - no-one will ever be the same again"
Isenbard Fron

“I couldn’t put it down.”
K. Bathroom-Choice


The Arthur Siphid Big Band Experiunce

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