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Show Week #1 - Monkey!

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

We all got into theatre because we love performing. Being a part of productions and showing off what we've been working on to an audience for that first time is our drug, it's what has us all hooked and why many of us still, late into adulthood, refuse to face up to the 'real world', whatever that is.

This week's blog post is an unusual one of sorts. It's unusual in that, at the time of publication - Sunday evening, but of course you knew that by now (this is how conditioning works), it won't be finished. In fact, it won't really have started...

This week, in the spirit of keeping these updates interesting to read (and finding new ways to disguise shameless self-promotion), we'll be updating the page daily with our progress as we work towards our opening night of our youth theatre's production of Monkey! and beyond, to the close of the show on Friday.

'When is opening night?' I hear you ask. 'I hope it's not too late to get a ticket!' You cry in despair. It's a great question, and please don't be upset. Opening night is Wednesday 11th March, and we run until Friday 13th. Tickets are still very much available from another page on our website. If you can't bring yourself to lift the cursor to the menu bar to click 'Book tickets', you can just click here instead.

If you are unfamiliar with what goes into a show week, then this is the blog for you. Perhaps you think it's a wonderfully glamorous process. If that's the case, I strongly advise you to stop reading now. Preserve your illusion that showbiz is all glitter and smiles, go back to 'SailCat' on Youtube.

Show weeks tend to be painfully unglamorous. What begins on Sunday night as butterflies and a head full of deadlines, ideas and things to collect, quickly descends into a desperate attempt to figure out how many hours until 7:30pm on Wednesday, what can feasibly be achieved in that time, and a 'to-do list' that looks something like this...

Okay, so we may be being a tad dramatic so far. Things aren't all bad and we like to think we've done more than enough prep to ensure the show will be absolutely fine.

Still, keep checking back here through the week to find out if that's true or not!


Monday, the calm before the storm in many ways and so probably not the biggest update of the week. Mondays of show week, knowing that we won't see the cast today, means one thing - last minute prop shopping! Most props arrive at various points throughout the rehearsal process - and then there are all of the bits we've said 'just mime for now' consistently and, as of Saturday's rehearsal, realised we still don't have.

Snakes, mini trees and giant rakes are the order of the day, and fortunately B&Q have it all. In case you have ever wondered, the 'B' in B&Q stands for 'Best friends of last-minute theatremakers'. The 'Q' stands for 'Quayle'.

On the way to prop paradise a quick phone call to the venue to let them know when we plan to arrive later in the week. No issues there, and they remembered we are coming, which is always a relief.

An ever so slightly overzealous fight rehearsal on Saturday left one of our custom-made weapons a little worse for wear, and so top of the list of priorities before our dress rehearsal was to see that returned to a fit state of repair once again.