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Stuntman Challenge

We've been a long time in lockdown, and as we've gotten deeper and deeper into social isolation we've been finding new and inventive ways to entertain ourselves... if you're a regular reader of the blog we're sure this is something you will have noticed.

This week's challenge was inspired by a video we saw a while back, purportedly from the Campus Univers Cascades Stunt School. These guys found a novel way to put their training to good use and created the following. If you haven't seen it, it's well worth a watch!

These guys are talented and will probably grace our screens as the stunt men of the future.

Here at OTG, we aren't trained (or training) as stuntmen. Well, one of us is, see if you can spot him. But that doesn't mean we didn't fancy ourselves as able to put together our own version! Check it out below and let us know how we did. Once again, massive thanks to all our members old and new that contributed. And of course, the perfect music contributed by the ultra-talented Colm McElwee.


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