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Tour Memories #13 - More Ireland!

Tonight continues our weekend trend of revisiting any and all previous Irish venues. Tonight however, we have a particular focus on a place that has generated so, so many memories for OTG over the years, Sherkin Island. Not all of the memories mentioned were entirely appropriate to publish, so please enjoy the curated selection of memories below!

Tomo - Cyrano de Bergerac (Blarney Castle)

"On a rare break in the wet Cyrano tour we had a day off at Blarney. It was only my second tour with OTG. The night before it was floated that there may be a few people going to play pitch and putt. I was a little cocky in my own golfing skill and was sharked into a 5 euro wager against Dan and Stew.... don't let the unorthodox look of a golfer fool you. These boys took me to town over the course and I was handed a lesson in the art of golf."

Daniel J - Various (Sherkin)

"Can't imagine anyone has any noteworthy Sherkin stories. Nice quiet one that."

Connor W - Peter Pan (Sherkin)

"I remember during Peter Pan, we had a crash mat hidden behind the staging, to enable us to pull off some impressive jumps off the back of the stage while playing Lost Boys. One of these moments, in which we escaped the pirates, they were left looking over the back of the stage for us. We would throw water up onto the stage to create the effect that someone had landed in the sea off the back of the stage. Our pirates had gotten very good at dodging the water we would throw (foolish of the directors to give 5 18/19 year olds litres of water to throw at their elders, to be honest). This time we were determined to get them wet, however. We all had a full cup of water ready to throw up at them as they peered over. In our eagerness to soak the older pirates, however, we somehow managed to throw the water straight up in the air. I'll never forget Tomo and Dan's faces as they realised just how much water was coming their way, nor their look of delight as they realised it had entirely missed them, as it came cascading back down onto all of the collected Lost Boys, wearing nothing more than shorts and t-shirts. As if this wasn't bad enough, about five minutes later, just before the interval, the heavens opened and it absolutely tipped it down on the already drenched Lost Boys. While the rest of the cast cowered in the gazeboes, Dan came on stage to announce to the audience that they too should shelter in the pub and that we would postpone the rest of the show briefly as the weather passed. None of the Lost Boys heard this. We were left at the back of the stage getting rained on until we realised everybody else, audience, cast and otherwise, had left. We crawled out, wetter than most of us had ever been, feeling that karma blow hard."

Daniel G – Unknown (Sherkin)

"This memory is from the first time I performed on Sherkin Island. This is a quick one. Sitting in the Jolly Roger I was introduced for the first time to the Noble Call. People shared a song or a joke or a story and ‘nobly called’ the next performer in the circle. We all joined in. It wasn’t forced or pretentious, it was just happening and it was lovely. There was a guy there who had been to the show, a really friendly bloke, slim, in his thirties. He was called and I was not expecting the song he chose or the voice that he had - Old Man River in a deep and sonorous voice that did not look like it would come from him. Many years of fun times and Noble Calls followed in the Jolly Roger and Islanders Rest."

Tomo - Unknown (Killygar)

"My first night in Ireland was a real turning point for me. The venue: Killygar. It was the night that cemented for me that OTG would be family for life. The show itself was bonkers with a free for all attitude from the audience, some of which wanted to watch from their car, imagine a drive-in cinema experience, but for theatre; the after show party with a band and the cast dancing in the VIP tent; the house that had severe fire damage in one wing that some of us stayed in, while the others camped on the lawn; the falconry display, and, because of all of this, the start of the now well-turned phrase at OTG - 'Dan.... is this normal?'"

Daniel G – Various (Sherkin)

"Rob K 'living the dream' and starting a year’s old tradition with joyous abandon."

Andy B - Various (Sherkin)

"Sherkin was often 'The Royal Commando Performance', where undies were optional. As You Like It year I was winding El up as to what was going to happen in this scene when I flashed under my kilt but, alas, as the big moment came I bottled it as a family in waterproofs chose that exact time to walk up from the marina on the path behind the stage. Probs for the best."

Connor W - A Midsummer Night's Dream (Sherkin)

"Last year in the Islander's, playing loads of darts games with the legend that is Jordan. He absolutely spanked me, but it got me remembering all the other times we'd sat in that corner of the pub with good friends, played darts with Eric, sang with Dan, downed pints with Pete. Many great memories just in that small corner of that little place."

Eleanor M - Twelfth Night (Sherkin)

Sherkin, Twelfth Night. Andy B and Dan as Sir Toby and Andrew Aguecheek playing in the grass. Care to expand guys...?"