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Share Your Shakespeare!

Last week was William Shakespeare's 456th birthday, a satisfying number to write on a keyboard, but he would have no idea what that means.

The RSC - that's Royal Shakespeare Company in case you aren't familiar, launched a campaign called #ShareYourShakespeare last week as a way of celebrating the Bard's birthday. The idea was simple. Share anything you like with them, so long as it had something to do with Shakespeare.

What does this have to do with us? I hear you ask.

We're running our usual youth theatre sessions every week (except they're not usual because, obviously, we're all online), playing games and setting tasks to keep us all entertained. 

(Huge thanks go to our brilliant tutors, Pete Darwent, Daniel Cambridge, Phil Rayner and Jake Szuplewski!)

Our challenge this week was, thanks to it being his birthday, and inspired by the RSC scheme, to do something Shakespearean.

This is the what our Thursday group tutors came up with:

Dan tried to do a bit of acting as he is often reminded by colleagues that, despite being on stage, he hasn't really done that for a long time. He made a black box theatre with a sheet and an old polo neck:

Daniel paid tribute to an underwritten character in Macbeth.  He spent too much time drawing a cartoon when he should have been home schooling.

Connor produced a masterpiece. I mean, if you watch nothing else this week (and, let's be honest, you will watch a lot of other things) watch this. It is brilliant, though we are all a little bit worried about him. It's the milk moment that has reminded us we all need to call him more often. 

Jake created a hosted-at-home Shakespeare quiz, complete with jazzy jacket and interpretive clues.

Keep chatting to your friends and stay safe. 

Happy birthday Billiam.


Apr 26, 2020

It's definitely on the line between madness and whatever the other side of the line is...!


Carlow Digital
Carlow Digital
Apr 26, 2020

Connor - your video is sublime. I may as well retire.

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