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Summer of Love!

It's finally here! After nearly 3 years of waiting, various delays and global plagues, Off the Ground Theatre are thrilled to finally be able to bring Love's Labour's Lost to a fancy house or muddy field near you this summer.

A comedy about love in all its forms, this is Shakespeare's most poetic and colourful play by some distance. The King of Navarre and his friends swear an oath; to study, to discipline, and to keep away from all women and temptations of love, for three years. Just as they do so, the Princess of France arrives with her ladies-in-waiting.


Forced to camp outside the Kingdom because of the King's new oath and laws, the ladies toy with the men, who quickly become enamoured with their French counterparts. Games and trickery abound as the men try to win the love of the women, learning a lot about love and themselves, before an unexpected ending...

Less Kenneth Branagh, more coloured banners... Not so much Judi Dench as... rude and French? We're not very good at this... Nonetheless, this version of one of Shakespeare's best problem plays is as colourful, loud and proud as it is poetic and likely to be rained on at some point (Disclaimer: chances of rain are almost certain). No rain will dampen the spirits of OTG, however, as they throw themselves dutifully into everything Shakespeare loved about the Great British and Irish summers, all for your entertainment.

Please bring along a blanket or something to sit on (except for the venues where you shouldn't, see below).

Wine, beers and picnics are very much recommended (except for the venues where they are not, see below).

Dates and Further Information:

Wednesday 27th July - Maesmor Hall - 7:30pm

Thursday 28th July - St. Luke's (Bombed Out) Church - 7:30pm

(Please do not bring food or drink to this venue, bar open)

(Chairs are provided at this venue)

Friday 29th July - Plas Newydd - 7:30pm

Saturday 30th July - Gawthorpe Hall - 6:30pm

Sunday 31st July - Claremont Farm - 6:30pm

Tuesday 2nd August - Burton Manor - 7:30pm

Wednesday 3rd August - Queen's Park - 7:30pm

Thursday 4th August - Birkenhead Priory - 7:30pm

Friday 5th August - Royden Park - 7:30pm

Saturday 6th August - Royden Park - 7:30pm

Sunday 7th August - Gordale Garden Centre - 7:30pm

Sunday 14th August - Bantry House - 6:30pm

Tuesday 16th August - Lisnavagh House - 7:30pm

Thursday 18th August - Killruddery House - 7:30pm

Friday 19th August - Philipstown House - 7:30pm

Saturday 20th August - Killyleagh Castle - 6:30pm


Adults £12/€15

Concessions £10/€12

Under 21s £5/€7

1 Comment

Colm McElwee
Colm McElwee
Jun 01, 2022

I am certain that Ireland will fully cooperate with your plans and rain upon you frequently, forcefully and with more wind than you thought meteorologically possible. Perfect!

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