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Christmas Cheer

We know everything is a bit lousy and a bit scary for a lot of people at the moment so this is simply something, hopefully, to make you smile.

Here is a quick selection of songs from past OTG pantos. There is some dodgy camera work, some dodgy sound and some even dodgier dance moves. It worth remembering that the most recent of these shows was 15 years ago so most of the performers here are in, or very near to their 30s, some with families of their own. To those performers , we hope that you can enjoy sharing this with new friends and family members who may not have seen you in this light before, or with those who like a good reminisce! To everyone else, turn it up and sing along.

From everyone at Off the Ground, have a safe and happy Christmas and we look forward to a new year filled with plenty of laughter and songs.


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