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Independent Christmas

This year of all years you'd be forgiven for clinging to Christmas in the hope that it will be the saviour of 2020. Sadly, the closer we've gotten to it, the more we've all had to come to terms with the fact that we can't have our normal knees up to celebrate our good pal Jesus' birthday, and instead we will have to make certain concessions to keep everyone safe. We've been doing that all year, though, so we should be pretty good at it by now, right? News of a vaccine feels like the Christmas present we've all been waiting for, but as it is being rolled out bit by bit and we probably won't all get it in time for the holidays, we thought we'd do you a favour in this time of pressured Christmas shopping, and pull together some of our favourite independent sellers and artists who can put a personal, special touch to your Christmas buying this year.

At this point, we'd like to make it quite clear that in no way are we receiving any kind of bonuses or discounts from any of the people listed below (however, if any want to get in touch and do us a deal, that would be fab). In this year of all years, we are firmly behind the drive to shop local and independent, to help everyone out in these tough times, and these are just a few of our friends and favourites who are pushing products that we genuinely think are pretty fantastic.

If you know of any other independent businesses who could do with a boost this Christmas season, let us know and we will add them to the list!

CraftsByRubyUK - Jewellery

We start out with one that we at OTG were mega impressed with. Ruby, one of our YT members, has started up her own craft business over on Etsy, at the moment making ear rings of all varieties - take a look!


GoalStarPrints (Karl Thyer) - Art & Print

This is one of Exec Director Connor's personal favourite online artists. Karl specialises in all things Liverpool FC, including Christmas jumpers! If you know a mad red among your family/friends, then GoalStar is the place to look.


Toast - Food/Café

This café in West Kirby is an absolute favourite among OTG members. Ran by the family of one of our touring actors, it's a wonderfully warm and welcoming place that has employed our YT students part-time for years now (and been very generous with time off during production weeks!)


El Creative - Art & Print

A friend of ours who creates simply stunning art in many different forms. Incredibly flexible with requests and works closely with customers to make sure there's a real personal touch to her products.


WYLDE Coffee - Coffee/Café

These boys have been smashing it since they opened up their first coffee shop in Heswall a few years ago. They extended an incredibly generous offer to help out families in hardship over half term, and we think they're more than worthy of your custom if you know a coffee lover.