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Jumping on the Bangwagon!

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Jumping on bandwagons is usually considered a bad thing, but when the bandwagon’s a good one then it’s probably best to get leaping. And that’s exactly what we’re doing today.

We may not have the big-name stars and technical wizardry that the National Theatre can impress with, but we have found a film of one of our summer tours that we think is definitely worth a watch! In 2007 we put on Helen Newall’s Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow of Doom at venues around the Northwest, North Wales and Ireland, and you can now watch the film of our last night at Lismore Castle, Co Waterford, on YouTube.

It features a cast who, if you’ve ever seen an OTG show, you will definitely recognise someone from, and if you haven’t, then it’s unlikely you will, but they’re still bloody good so give it a watch.

Look, it is still outdoor theatre, and we are not the RSC, but we think this one might just be worth a night in (not that you have a choice). The writing is brilliant, there are some stunning performances, some slightly shoddy dance routines on grass, some belting numbers and a cracking fight near the end - what more could you want?

So, have a watch of us being very silly to help get you through staying in this week!

I give you – Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow of Doom.

P.S. There are bonus points for anyone who can spot the Measure for Measure reference in the play and a special prize for anyone getting the quotation from Cymbeline. (If we’re honest, we can’t remember what it is.)

Huge thank you to Jon Hall for sorting this out and to Stew Jones for the pretty damn fine camera work.

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