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OTG Past Productions

Long time fans of the Off the Ground Theatre website may remember that our previous site (going back a bit of time now, mind) featured an important, nostalgic set of pages that looked back on our past productions. Well, we've decided to build it afresh!

We've been making theatre since 1996, but in the modern age of photos and videos and evidence everywhere, if you can't show it then nobody would know it! Well, we've been doing some digging, and realised we have a lot more evidence of past shows than we thought, so we've tasked ourselves with uploading it all. After all, there's no point in having all this weird and wonderful media of past shows if only we get to enjoy it. If you've ever seen an OTG show, been in one, or remember a part of one that you'd like to revisit, keep checking back to the Past Productions page to find your moment.

It isn't complete yet - it turns out that almost 30 years worth of making theatre leads to a lot of past show pages to populate (especially when the assorted media is also spread over 30 years worth of disks, hard drives, etc.), but we've made a good dent in it already. We'll be working backwards, from our most recent productions (the easiest to locate material for) all the way back to our first productions, all those years ago. So keep checking back to see younger versions of you, your friends or family strutting their stuff on stage.

You may know of a production that you saw or were in that isn't listed yet. Not to worry, we are working on it and are fully aware that we haven't listed all of the shows we've done just yet. At our most recent count there are around 90 productions up on the page currently, and we think there's probably at least half that amount still to come to bring us completely up to date. You can filter between youth theatre shows, touring shows, etc. and also by year, to make it a little easier if you are looking for something really specific.

If you've got any photos or videos of past shows that you think might be good enough to feature on the pages, then get in touch and send them over!

To take a look at the page and start on your trip down memory lane, just click here!

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