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So it begins...

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Uh oh, you've seen the link. You're reading this, so you've clicked it now too. 'Off the Ground Theatre has a new post'. It's a blog post. Blog posts are terrifying, you think. Every man, his cat and his cat's second family over the road have got a blog these days, you also think. Well, we agree with you, and that's why we won't be calling this a blog, or anything of the sort...

Welcome to the 'Off the Ground Theatre (Not-a-)Blog, Thinly Disguised as Latest News' page, or 'OTG News' for short. This is the place for all things new and/or exciting (but not always both at the same time) from OTG, and we've got a lot to tell you about.

It's been a bit of an open secret the past year or so that Off the Ground Theatre have been restructuring. That's basically a fancy word for figuring out ways that we can expand and do more. Well, after a lot of boring admin stuff, we've now got cupboards full of new shows, schemes, projects and clickbait content coming your way in the following months. We've appointed a new Executive Director, we've a season lineup good enough to keep your cat interested for at least a bit and we'll have shows coming at you quicker than Storm Ciara can dispose of the family trampoline.

You can be the first, and therefore coolest, of all your friends to hear about all of these announcements as they arrive by simply keeping up to date with this page. It really is that simple. We'll prove it to you (big announcement below):

We have a new Executive Director!

We know we mentioned that earlier, but you've read this far, so now you get to find out who it is. Connor Wray has been with OTG since he was around 12 years old. Sadly, at that time, he was wildly unqualified for the position, and was concentrating all his efforts into growing into his school blazer, as opposed to helping create, and help others to create, amazing theatre. Luckily, he grew into and then swiftly back out of that blazer, and now he's here with Off the Ground in a full time capacity, as 'Overlord of All Things' in his own words, or 'Project Management' in ours.

Connor Wray Executive Director

Connor will be overseeing all of our upcoming projects, working in partnership with our Artistic Director, Dan Meigh, Mr OTG himself. In case you don't know him, here's a picture of Connor looking like he's managing a project, whilst actually just posing in Jurgen Klopp's office.

The first production he will be getting off the ground will see a piece of new writing grace the stages of Liverpool, from a local lad who is extraordinarily talented. But we'll be saving details of that for a future blog post news update, so stay tuned, folks!

Loads of love.


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