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The Bad Audition Challenge

Like a lot of confused Brits, we weren't entirely certain of the message after the Prime Minister's address this evening.

That said, it did get us thinking...

Perhaps there was something about the natural background. Maybe it was the formal attire, slightly worn, to really help him get into the role. It could have been the impassioned use of hand gestures to punctuate the emotional parts of the speech.

Whatever it was, it very much reminded us of a self-taped audition. And that led us to creating the 'Off the Ground Bad Audition Challenge'!

The rules are simple. Anyone and everyone can get involved.

In no more than 2 minutes, we want to see your attempts at a self-taped audition gone wrong. You can be auditioning for whatever role you like, from Mr Bean to Hamlet. It can start like the best audition ever and descend into madness, or it can start with things literally on fire and go downhill from there.

We don't want to limit your awful potential, so do your worst.

Once you've got your absolute worst effort at an audition tape, send it over to us. On next week's blog we will announce our winners and feature a highlights reel of the best (worst) efforts we receive!

To submit an awful audition for next week, please email videos or download links to, or message them to one of our social media pages!


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