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The Sounds of Off the Ground!

This week's blog post is one you can listen to as well as read!

Over the past week, we've been connecting with our members, old and new, to chat about some OTG memories. Over the years we've been fortunate to have put on a vast array of productions across a range of venues, with a multitude of talented people. Each of these people, these places, these shows, carry with them a unique set of memories for those involved. We wanted to find out what those memories where. More than that, we wanted to know if there was a song or a piece of music that evoked those memories.

The result has been quite overwhelming, and genuinely lovely to put together. We are now thrilled to say we have a sizeable 'OTG Memories' playlist together on Spotify, which you can access by following the link below. We hope that it brings a smile or a memory back to you too, OTG-related or otherwise!

*** WARNING: Some of the songs contain explicit content ***

Click here to access the OTG Memories playlist!

*** WARNING: Some of the songs contain explicit content ***

Below, you can read about a selection of the songs that made the playlist, as well as the reasons and memories as to why, from the people that submitted them.

Connor Wray:

Calvin Harris - Feel So Close

"I cannot hear this song and not feel warm. Summer sun, good friends and incredible experiences. Back when I did my first tour, Alice in Wonderland, about ten years ago, my best mate Mat was also on his first full tour. It was a completely new experience for both of us. If being able to travel around the UK & Ireland playing the Cheshire Cat in a lycra bodysuit wasn't exciting and interesting enough, seeing beautiful places and meeting beautiful people, then being able to experience it all with my best mate - sharing headphones or using a splitter, made it all the better. This was our song that summer and I will never forget it."

Queen - The Show Must Go On

"The memory of this one is somewhat bittersweet. Outdoor theatre brings a unique set of challenges with it. The biggest of these is the weather, particularly during a Great British Summer... We had a performance at Gawthorpe Hall in Burnley at 6:30pm. At 6:15pm we had a soaked cast, determined to do their thing. We had a drenched, hardcore northern audience waiting for us to get on stage. The rain was torrential, it felt as though the storm was circling just around the ground we were waiting to perform on. Eventually, we had to make the call to cancel the show on safety grounds. I say 'we', but it was the first time that I'd really had to make a difficult, unpopular decision in a managerial role. It was, for the first time, fully my responsibility and this was the first time I'd really felt the weight of that. Already soaked, I went on stage to announce the bad news to the audience while Pete tried to protect the sound equipment, which was still optimistically running through our pre-show playlist. As I was stood on stage, shouting against the elements, the rain suddenly stopped. The sun started to peep out again and all we could hear was The Show Must Go On by Queen blaring out behind me. Pete swears he didn't do it on purpose, I'm not so sure."

Dan Meigh:

Terrorvision - Oblivion

"This reminds me of our first ever tour (it was only recently out then!) and because it makes me think of the first one then I start thinking about all the others and the people we've spent some great times with. There's basically a montage going on in my head when I hear this."

Daniel Cambridge:

Dr Hook - When You're in Love with a Beautiful Woman

"My first tour was a 60's musical version of A Midsummer Night's Dream. We followed it a few years later with a 1970's musical version of The Merry Wives of Windsor. Merry Wives of Windsor is quite a weak play when it comes to character, plot and laughs so we made the best of it by packing it with stupid gags and exploiting the fact that we had some really decent singers. One of those with a belting voice is Steve Lunt. When you're in Love With a Beautiful Woman sticks in my mind because Steve, who was Playing Master Page, learned the lyrics wrong. He had misheard "fair-weather friends" as "fair feathered friends"! We thought he was joking around in rehearsals, but when he sang it on the first night we realised he'd just misheard it, and then he got quite cross when we corrected him. It led to us changing the lyric "maybe it's just an ego problem" to &